Ordos Housing

Inner Mongolia

After working on the Ordos 100 project Simon Conder Associates were asked by the Mongolian developer Mr Chi to produce a scheme for 171 new houses with associated community and commercial facilities on a large waterside site, near the Ordos 100 site and part of ‘Jiangyuan Cultural and Creative Zone’.


The scheme consists of a vehicular under croft supporting a fully pedestrianized, four storey housing scheme with a variety of housing types, as well as community and commercial buildings, organized around six landscaped and sheltered squares.


The scheme incorporated two basic housing types developed previously by SCA, the London Ecohousing developed for the Architecture Foundation's 1995 exhibition 'New British Architecture' and the Three Towers House developed for the Ordos 100 project.

The Ecohousing, essentially passive solar gain houses, was used on the south and the east side of the squares to maximize solar gain, while the Three Towers houses were concentrated on the north and west sides.


To emphasize the greening of the residential environment three sides of the development, the south, west and north, will be surrounded by a dense buffer of woodland. In contrast the forth side of the development will open out onto a linear waterside park and the various pedestrian streets that run through the development will lead to this communal waterside facility.


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