Georgina von Etzdorf, the textile design and production company, wanted a low cost building that would allow them to consolidate their design, quality control and administrative functions on one site. The selected site overlooked the Chalke valley in Wiltshire with outstanding views to the south and west, and was surrounded by a screen of trees.


The building consists of a series of simple portal frames clad in black corrugated steel, with large areas of glazing on the southern and western sides of the building to visually link the internal working environment to the surrounding landscape. Internally the building is essentially one space with the storage areas on the north side separated from the quality control functions on the south side by a large plywood structure. At ground level this structure contains the reception area, the sanitary accommodation, a meeting room and a kitchen/dining area. At first floor level there is an open gallery for the design and administrative teams, lit by a long north light and large windows on the east and west facing gable end walls.


The building was completed for £363.00 per square metre, some 20% less than the design and build option.

Georgina von Etzdorf Workshop


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